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고교처세왕 OST

돌아오는길 || 서인국

okay but why is getting plastic surgery a legitimate reason to hate someone? 

hwang-hyun-ae: Hi, I was wondering if you would check out my blog. thx :)

yeah sure :^)

our styles are really different since you post solely idols and models but i think the pictures you post/reblog can attract a lot of people that like kpop, or large hd pictures of their idols. 

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“(Girl) My boyfriend is leaving for the army soon. I won’t cheat on him. I will wait like a patient army wife.”“How do you plan on repaying your girlfriend for waiting for you?”“(Boy) By trusting her.”
“(여자) 남자친구가 곧 군대에 가요. 고무신 거꾸로 신지 않고 현모양처처럼 기다려줄 거에요.”“남자친구는 기다리는 여자친구분께 어떻게 보답하실 건가요?”“(남자) 믿음이요.”
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salmon nigiri
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美味しそうなパン - Google 検索
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Anonymous: nugget bistro

that’s such a good name if only i’d watched parks and rec sooner then i could’ve been twins with tom haverford’s restaurant ‘tom’s bistro.’ and if i got really impulsive i would’ve changed it to ‘nugget closet’

Anonymous: olá o que achas do jogo animal crossing é tão fixe não é

omg i had to put this through google translate, but i actually begged my brother to buy me a 3DS and he did and he also brought back zelda and animal crossing and pokemon etc etc. 

my town is dead though because i got to tired of digging up fossils, and everytime i go on now that sloth asks me to clean up the weeds like im sorry i know im the major but i think you should pull your weight too. 

Anonymous: why nugget cafe tho why not nugget restaurant why

because without spellcheck i would never spell restuarent correctly.